The Spirite of Musicke

ATMA (ACD 2 2136)
Tobias Hume, Alphonso II Ferrabosco, Giovanni Coperario, Christopher Simpson, John Jenkins

Soprano Suzie LeBlanc and Les Voix humaines offer 17th century English Chamber Music for voice and viols. They perform ayres and songs by Tobias Hume, John Jenkins, Christopher Simpson et Alfonso Il Ferrabosco. During the Renaissance in England, the lute and viol maintained exclusive musical territories. The former had long been the solo instrument par excellence, and was also used to accompany the voice in many songs and ayres. The viol performed in a consort-an ensemble of 3 to 7 viols of various sizes which played fantaisies or polyphonic In nomine. In this repertoire, the expression of melancholy is an essential dimension of the Baroque, the works by Hume, Jenkins, Ferrabosco and Coperario rightfully belong to the aesthetic of their time.

Suzie LeBlanc, soprano
Susie Napper & Margaret Little, violas da gamba

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Excerpt: “Tis now dead night” by Giovanni Coperario