The Ensembles


The Duo


Les Voix humaines, the viol duo, has thrilled audiences worldwide with dashing performances of early and contemporary music for three decades.

Susie Napper and Margaret Little's musical complicity has been compared to the skill of two trapeze artists or the telepathic communion of a pair of jazz saxophonists!

Consort Les Voix humaines Crédit : Tobias Haynes

Les Voix humaines Viol Consort


In 2007 the duo was joined by Mélisande Corriveau and Felix Deak to form Les Voix humaines Consort of Viols to take a refreshing look at the huge repertoire for multiple viols.

Our unique, controversial ideas offer a new profile to consort playing in which rhythmic freedom and ornamentation play an integral role. Our 2017 recording of Dowland’s Lachrimae is an example of our novel way of approaching a piece considered untouchable canon amongst viol players!

The Artists


Susie Napper

Susie Napper, Viola da gamba

As Tobias Hume wrote in 1605: Now to use a modest shortness, and a brief expression of my self to all noble spirits, I was named Femme de Merite, Montreal, 2011 and Personality of the year, Prix Opus 2002!

Cellist, gambist, continuo player par excellence, I’m alternatively praised or admonished for my colourful and controversial performances of solo and chamber repertoire of the baroque!


Margaret Little

Margaret Little, Viola da gamba

Born and raised in Montreal in a musical family, Margaret Little played violin, piano, recorder and guitar as a child.

She was also part of a children’s choir and occasionally played electric guitar in a band. When she was eleven years old she discovered the viola da gamba and fell in love with it instantly! Her father was an organist and choir conductor and an addict of J. S. Bach. He was a wonderful pedagogue and a great source of inspiration to his colleagues as well as a pioneer of Early Music in Canada. Margaret started playing Bach cantatas on the violin with her father from the age of nine and still does it as often as possible on the viola.

Mélisande Corriveau

MÉLISANDE CORRIVEAU, viola da gamba, cello and recorder

Devotee of Renaissance and baroque music, enthusiast of historic instruments, travel and gourmet food, Mélisande Corriveau is mother to two charming adolescents! Player of recorders, cello, all viols including the pardessus de viol, she has become a virtuoso at l’Art de toucher, as Couperin put it, on her bevy of instruments.

She hunts for new repertoire, is inspired by treatises and takes a keen interest in the historic context of music in society and the musical languages the societies created. Her next conquest is to be the violoncello piccolo!

Felix Deak

Felix Deak, Viole da gamba

I don’t remember life without music. I could say that cello was my first language. I started studying the Suzuki method from age 2 and a half. The bass viol entered my life only in 2007. I can’t imagine if I ever had to make a one or the other kind of decision. 

Guest Artists