Felix Deak, Viola da gamba

I don’t remember life without music. I could say that cello was my first language. I started studying the Suzuki method from age 2 and a half. The bass viol entered my life only in 2007. I can’t imagine if I ever had to make a one or the other kind of decision.

I wish I had more time in my day to just chill and listen to all the different kinds of music that moves me. I would say the roots of the popular music that shaped me as a youth are Ska, Punk, Reggae, and Hip Hop. Nothing like a good beat.

In 2019, my group, I FURIOSI Baroque Ensemble, will be celebrating its 20th year of presenting concerts in Toronto. Additionally, I am beyond honoured to be a part of the internationally toured Les Voix Humaines Consort, based in Montreal. Playing with award-winning Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra has also been a regular event over the last 10 years.

It elates me to have a big and varied roster of cello students, aged 10-40. I love guiding them through the general and detailed subtleties of playing music and making music with other people. How to listen. How to watch. How to collaborate.

I have a passionate obsession with food. I definitely subscribe to the ‘live to eat’ motto. Give me a chip over a chocolate any day. I love to fly through the streets of Toronto on my trusty black single speed bike. Often with my instrument strapped on my back!

My dogs are a big joy for me. I learn from their love and devotion, along with their cheekiness and personalities. To make music, I draw upon all my loves to inspire me to play how it all feels.