De Vanitate Mundi

ATMA (ACD 2 2259)
Missa de profundis and Motets by Pierre Bouteiller

Thanks to the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, which regularly publishes the more obscure gems of French music, we can enjoy these religious works of Pierre de Bouteiller. The present recording includes, in addition to the Missa pro defunctis, Pierre Bouteiller’s Motets for voice, two bass viols, and continuo, confirming the fact that viols were indeed happily coupled with the human voice in French repertoire.

Suzie LeBlanc, soprano; Stephan Van Dyck, tenor
Susie Napper, Margaret Little & Mélisande Corriveau, violas da gamba
Alexander Weimann, organ; Sylvain Bergeron, theorbo

Opus award 2005 Disc of the year (Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music)

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