Corrette: Les Délices de la solitude

ATMA (ACD2 2307)
Six sonatas from «Les Délices de la Solitude»
and concerto «Le phénix» by Michel Corrette

Les délices de la solitude (The Delights of Solitude) is a group of six sonatas published for the first time around 1739. It was republished in 1766 in a version exclusively for cello. In this collection, Corrette clearly demonstrates his diverse and robust talent. In Le phénix (The Phoenix) that was published in 1738, the bass instruments are invited to change their usual behavior: to leave their solitary haunts for another kind of pleasure, that of shared conversation. If only because it is the only one of its kind, this little masterpiece is truly a rare bird, and well merits its title.

Susie Napper, viola da gamba and baroque cello
Margaret Little, viola da gamba
Kate van Orden and Mathieu Lussier, baroque bassoons
Pierre Cartier, double bass; Eric Milnes, harpsichord
Sylvain Bergeron, lute and baroque guitar

Supersonic Pizzicato Award
Classics Today 10/10

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