Christopher Simpson: The 4 Seasons

ATMA (ACD 2 2182)

That Christopher Simpson (c. 1605-1669) in his 4 Seasons was capable of imagining the exquisite turns of phrase, the tasteful succession of figures, and the larger relationships that make up the music’s structure, is already a small miracle. That he was able to write them down in a fashion that would allow them to be played again was a formidable feat. And that in playing them, these musicians can give us the illusion that they are being improvised as we listen, is a source of wonder.

Jay Bernfeld, treble viol
Susie Napper & Margaret Little, bass viols
Michael Fentross, theorbo
Réjean Poirier, organ

5 Goldbergs
Recommended by Repertoire and Classica

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