Sonnets that accompany the CD

Find here the sonnets inscribed on Vivaldi’s handwritten scores
Italian with translations in French and English.

4 Seasons, 4 Viols

4 Seasons, 4 Viols – Antonio Vivaldi

Les Voix humaines Production
Original arrangements of Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons by Susie Napper & Margaret Little, mixed in with a tasty recipe of seasonal songs.
Les Voix humaines Consort of Viols :
Margaret Little, Mélisande Corriveau, Felix Deak & Susie Napper

« Much of the enjoyment of this recording is to be found in the ingenuity of the arrangements, the creations of Susie Napper and Margaret Little, founders of Les Voix humaines. The free adaptation of Vivaldi’s material provides numerous opportunities to showcase the technical brilliance of Napper, Little, and their colleagues.”

« An exciting and revolutionary recording. Les Voix humaines have convincingly opened up new potentials of the viol for both players and composers. Fasten your seatbelts!”
Christine Kyprianides, VdGSA News, Fall 2017


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