Duo Programs



A bouquet of soft, humorous and flamboyant music.


Les Tendres Regrets

" Napper and Little have momentarily penetrated the mists of time. "


Musicke & Mirth

A festive collection of British hits by Hume, Simpson, Byrd and Jenkins.


Le Nymphe Di Rheno

The best German duets for violas da gamba!


Extraordinaires de la Chambre du Roy or L’Anguille du Théâtre d’Eau

The extraordinary legacy of 17th century chamber music introduces us to a deeply moving musical language.

Consort Programs


J.S. Bach’s The Art of The Fugue

Johann Sebastian Bach’s most sophisticated composition.


Oh Henry!

Henry Purcell’s complete Fantasias for 3 & 4 viols with dances from Fairy Queen.

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Lachrimae – John Dowland

Lute and viols join together in an exquisite melancoly program. With Nigel North on the lute.

Programs with singers


Perchance To Dreame

Poetic treasures sung sublimely by Charles Daniels, tenor, with viols and lute.


Sparrows, Doves, Ravens, Owls!

From the tavern to the theatre, with Charles Daniels, tenor, and Antoine Malette-Chénier, triple harp.