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Date de publication : mardi 8 novembre 2608

J.S. Bach’s « Art of fugue » is proving to be an amazing musical adventure for Les Voix humaines Viol Consort.

The Consort was invited to play « Art of Fugue » at the 2016 Edition of the Festival  Oude Muziek Utrecht. From January 27 to February 2nd, the Consort gave five concerts in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden & Eindhoven. The public, the presenters, & the artists were delighted.  

In June 2014, the Consort had presented this programme in Germany at the Tage Alter Musik Festival in Regensburg.  Their performance was very well received, and confirmed the Consort’s originality, expressiveness & exceptional musicality. The Consort’s recording (on the ATMA Label)  of the « Art of fugue » has also enjoyed rave reviews. « For me, true enchantment comes from Les Voix Humaines and their foundation-cracking, world-upturning take on The Art of the Fugue.» wrote John Terauds in Musical Toronto (June 2013).

It is a great honour for the Consort’s to tour in Holland, with the Oude Muziek Festival, considered to be among the major early music festivals in the world. Further, Holland is such a significant place for baroque music, it being where most early music artists have studied, or dreamed of doing so.

Bravo to the Consort : It’s international career is certainly on the right track!